A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Do you miss some old-school PvP arcade fun?

Guts vs Glory is a competitive PvP dogfighting game for one or two players, playing locally (today) or (hopefully, someday) via LAN. The game features:

  • Simple & fun PvP or PvCPU dogfights
  • Aerial challenges and surprises
  • Booster packs and perks
  • Challenging weather conditions
  • Anti-aircraft ground fire and.. flying flocks of geese
  • Yes.. geese, probably Canadian.


The game is in perpetual in alpha. Download and play the game's 12 levels, packed with challenges and dogfighting. The game supports gamepad and mouse controls, but using a gamepad is strongly recommended!

Updates and builds for other platforms will follow. Feedback of any sort would be much appreciated :)

Some links

Install instructions

IMPORTANT! Known issues:

  • Settings screen is still incomplete.
  • Achievements and medals are not fully implemented and are currently disabled.

Windows only:

  • A missing msvcr120.dll message will require installing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 redist package (conveniently bundled in the game zip file).
  • A missing msvcr100.dll message will require installing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 redist package.
  • The game crashes on MacBook Air running Windows 8.1.


GutsVsGlory32.zip 16 MB
GutsVsGlory64.zip 17 MB
guts-vs-glory-32.tar.gz 12 MB
guts-vs-glory-64.tar.gz 12 MB
guts-vs-glory-macosx.zip 12 MB